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Our Identity

We are craftsmen of tomorrow. We are a software development company headquartered in Singapore.

Our Mission

We Aim To Create A Unified Digital Platform By Placing People At The Heart Of Our Design Solution.

Our Vision

We Want To Improve The Way We Work and Live That Will Elevate The Lives Of Millions.


Featuring Products

Online P2P Business Financing Platform

An online peer-to-peer business financing system that connect borrowers and investors with risk assessment. Users sign up to the platform as a borrower or as an investor. The borrower (SMEs) submits an application for loan. The application will be reviewed by an underwriter. Once approved, loan will be available for investors such as individuals and private companies to fund.

Investment Management System

A portfolio management software that stores portfolio data for both clients and sales that facilitates tracking of assets, transactions as well as performance reporting and analysis.