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About Us

Everything Was Once A Dream. Now It Is A Reality. Let’s Begin.

Our Identity
We Are The Craftsmen Of Tomorrow

Headquartered in Singapore, Panzer Technology Pte Ltd is a software development company aimed at developing smart solutions that revolutionize the way we live. We are a team of creators, craftsmen and strategists.

Riding on the latest emerging technology bandwagon, we are now able to develop more powerful software applications that serve even wider markets and industries. We aim to develop technology that help to build cities even smarter, secure and more sustainable.

At Panzer, we have built a culture for continuous improvement. We do that through in-depth research and development and are constantly on the lookout for new-wave technologies that we can apply to deliver better experience to all our adopters.

Our Mission
We Aim To Create A Unified Digital Platform By Placing People At The Heart Of Our Design Solution

Technology has revolutionized the world, evolving businesses into a tech-driven ecosystem over the years. With that in mind, we aim to enable a smarter and connected world by developing cutting-edge applications that enhance not just business transformation, but also daily lives of every citizen using our technology. We aim to design, develop and implement a smart digital transformation to a city life.

Our Vision
We Want To Improve The Way We Work and Live That Will Elevate The Lives Of Millions

Believing in the deep impact technology has on our lives, we are committed to deliver innovative solutions to businesses that will change the way we work together. Tapping into the transformative power of revolutionary technologies, we strive to deliver world class enterprise solutions that create a positive impact that elevate lives. One footprint at a time.

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Together we make cities smarter, more secure and ever scalable than before.